Mailing list / Intranet

  • The Tech Brewery Google Group is our central hub of communication - please be sure new members sign up!
  • By joining this group, you'll also be added to our mailing list - (they both go to the same place)

Full-time members

  • Full-time desks should be labelled
  • Keep items on your desk at your own risk. We must all do our best to ensure a reasonable level of security.
  • Have keys to the building and suite doors
  • Must be the last ones out of the suite (to lock up)

Part-time members

  • Should be in during normal business hours (9 - 5) - and must NOT be the last people in the Brewery.
  • Must clear their desks at the end of the day

Kitchen / Deck / Storage / Mail

  • Wash your dishes! Or you will scrub the toilets!
  • Please keep the microwave and coffee areas clean. Your help is appreciated.
  • Label food you keep in the refrigerator - all unclaimed food will be disposed of after a week
  • Please keep the grill on the deck clean - in particular, watch the grease trap!
  • Hang coats on the coat rack. We also have limited storage in the closets behind it.
  • Abide by the rules posted on the refrigerator for shared drinks. We need to develop a system to track consumption of shared items, and compensate buyers (idea for a startup? :-)
  • Members may use our full address as their place of business to receive mail here (1327 Jones Drive, Suite 106, Ann Arbor, MI 48105). The mailbox key is hanging by the suite door - please distribute mail if you pick it up, or leave it in the box.


  • Guests are welcome, but must be escorted by members in no more than a 4-to-1 ratio.
  • Events in the Brewery may be scheduled after regular business hours by full-time members - please announce these to the Tech Brewery mailing list!
  • The deck out back is a fine place for folks to visit :-)

Meeting rooms

  • Please take noisy conversations / meetings to the lobby, conference rooms, or outside
  • Conference rooms are for the use of full-time members - part-timers may use them only if otherwise unoccupied
  • We have two conference rooms available, and one temporary one (ask Dug)
  • Do not leave any trash / food / cups in these rooms, and be sure to turn off the lights / fans / projector when you leave!

New memberships / cancellations

  • Please direct any new membership inquiries / cancellation notices to admin@techbrewery.org
  • You're welcome as a member to give tours to new prospective members
  • New signups / cancellations may be registered directly at the Tech Brewery website


  • All visitors must be escorted.
  • Part-timer folks must leave before full-timers - and the last full-time member out the door is responsible for locking both the backdoor and our office suite door and turning off all lights (by the water cooler).


  • Full-timers get 1 parking spot
  • Part-timers - we ask that you find street parking on Broadway if the lot fills
  • Bikes should be locked behind the building. Our landlord is looking at setting up bike racks.


  • Fridays at 4:30 PM are Beer:30
  • Please be mindful of underage members
  • Please rinse all bottles and place in recycling
  • If you take a beer that you didn't bring, please be sure to contribute $2 to the beer pot
  • The beer pot (and proceeds from recycling) go toward buying more beer.