COVID-19 Policies


The health and safety of our members is of utmost importance to us at the Tech Brewery. To help us serve you and the general public in the best way, it's important to note that the Tech Brewery will comply and follow any and all federal, state, and local guidelines whenever possible when dealing with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, which may affect:

  • Your access to the Tech Brewery
  • Your usage of the desks and shared spaces in the Tech Brewery
  • Beer:30 and other public events that the Tech Brewery hosts
  • ...and much more.

Above all else, even when not mentioned explicitly by the Tech Brewery, or if updated guidelines/laws on a federal, state, or local level render Tech Brewery guidelines/rules outdated or incorrect, it should always be assumed that the members of the Tech Brewery should always follow the most up to date information provided by their federal, state, and local government and act appropriately.

Failure to act in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines, rules, and laws will be grounds for termination of your subscription to your desk at the Tech Brewery.

Stay safe, say compliant, and we will get through this outbreak together.

General Rules

The rules and guidelines the Tech Brewery uses as guidance is based on the documents provided by the State of Michigan entitled:

Although coworking spaces are not a perfect 1:1 match with a company office, we found it was the best description that fit and worked accordingly to try to match these guidelines. The documents above are also subject to change, so again, always use the best information located from the federal, state, and local government to drive your decisions as a member of the Tech Brewery.

Mask Usage

As guided by the document provided by the State of Michigan entitled Face Coverings: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) , cloth face coverings should be worn by all members when they will be within 6 feet of others. This includes shared spaces such as the bathroom, kitchen area, shared desk spaces, the mail space, and wherever 6 feet or less separation cannot be maintained.

For private/dedicated desk spaces, the distance between desk chairs should already be set to a minimum of 6' from each other (if not more), but if members have moved their desks physically in some way, they should make sure to keep that distance at all times, or reach out to a manager of the Tech Brewery to move desks to maintain proper distance. When properly set within 6' of each desk, members should be able to take off their mask at their desk.

Note: It has always been the case, but as per our normal rules, more than one person cannot be seated at a desk at a time, doubly so during a pandemic.


It will be important to make sure that our coworking space stays clean during COVID. To ensure this, please incorporate the following in your daily routine:

  • Use disposable gloves if possible to handle potential shared items such as mail, food, tools, equipment, etc.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands properly after touching shared spaces, working with food from the fridge, using the restroom, etc.
  • Wash or sanitize the shared space, tools, or other pieces of equipment that you work with.
Meeting Rooms / Spaces

In order to maintain proper social distance, our main meeting room in the Tech Brewery (located on the North East side of the space) will be limited to 3 people at a time. If 6' social distance can still not be maintained, adjust the amount of people in the room as appropriate.


Similar to what was mentioned above in "cleaning", since mail is a "shared space" we should try to maintain cleanliness whenever possible. This will include:

  • Using disposable gloves if possible
  • Washing or sanitizing your hands properly after touching mail
  • Washing or sanitizing the shared mailboxes or other tools you may work with.

Normally, we allow members to host events at the Tech Brewery as long as they are around to manage the event. In the midst of COVID, we will require members who wish to host events or visitors to first seek permission from a Manager of the Tech Brewery.

The list of events we publicly allow will be kept up to date on our Meetup Page and will follow similar standard requirements of Social Distancing among other things.